November 29, 2023

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This was sent to me By a wonderful Believer from Germany who got blessed by the Video Teaching, Time for doing, which is below this short Article

so I thought I share this short Article with you.

“Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea”

I am sure you might have heard the old comparison between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Both seas have the same source – the River Jordan.

Galilee, on the one hand, is a lake full of life. The people around it are well taken care of and the vegetation along its banks flourishes. This is because it takes in water but also gives it out. In contrast, there is no life in the Dead Sea. No plant, animal or fish life can exist in it – it is completely dead. This is because it has no outflow, it only receives and does not release and therefore it is stagnant. People can be compared to these two seas to.

Do you want to be the Sea of Galilee, who not only receives but is willing to share one’s talents and resources with others? Remember being blessed happens more when giving than when receiving. Or do you want be like the Dead Sea that only receives but does not share and in doing so becomes stagnant?

I am sure you might have come across people who represents either of the Seas in your communities, classes, offices, schools, clubs and other areas. What kind of people were you happiest to be around? No doubt you preferred to mingle with those who were ready to give a helping hand and whose presence brought joy, laughter and smiles on the faces of many.

Jesus was like the Sea of Galilee. He always brought joy, peace and healing to those He came into contact with. He gave Himself totally and served people till His death. He told that He came not to be served but to serve.

So which Sea do you like to be? If Sea of Galilee start sharing your time, resources, ideas, joy and your God-given talents with people around you. Give out to others what you have and outflow rather than remaining stagnated and lifeless. Because it is in giving that we receive.”

Now Listen to the Video Teaching a Time for Doing – By Laurence Torr

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