Wonderful Sharing’s By Reubin Royal

Wonderful Sharing’s By Reubin Royal Recent Encouraging Sharing from the monthly International Skype fellowship – by Reubin Royal   Audio  – Sharing – By Reubin Royal -Audio Duration 41:55

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Oxford Fellowship and Teaching

Oxford Fellowship and Teaching A wonderful time of fellowship in Oxford great sharing’s and testimonies and faith building time together   Audio Fellowship – Sharing’s and Teaching 

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Thoughts For Today – God’s way- By Laurence Torr

Thoughts For Today – God’s way – By Laurence Torr God bless You in the name of Jesus Christ, Today we begin the new month of May 2019 and time is going fast this year. April was a wonderful month, France being the highlight for me personally, meeting many people we had not seen in […]

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Video & Audio – God has spoken All His Blessing into your life – By Laurence Torr

Video & Audio – God has spoken All His Blessing into your life – By Laurence Torr God wants you to enjoy everyday, no matter your circumstance and situation, God has already proclaimed and invoked His blessing into your life. No one, no situation, no enemy, can reverse His blessings in your life. Audio Version […]

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If You Take Care Of God’s Business, He will take Care of your Business – By Laurence Torr

If You Take Care Of Gods Business, He will take Care of your Business – By Laurence Torr When God is truly First in Our lives, we will never have lack in any area of our lives. God has called us to the highest life to live which is doing what He wants us to […]

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Thoughts for The Week – What God has Started, God Will Finish – By Laurence Torr

Thoughts for the Week- What God has started He will Finish. God morning to You, and remember God is with you, and for you, and has not forgotten you, what God has started in your life, he will finish, what God has promised to you, is yours and it is received by believing (faith). Never […]

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Thoughts for Today – Need A Miracle?

Thoughts for Today – Need A Miracle? If you need a miracle, you must refuse to fear and start to say what God says you need to speak, you need to speak to your problem, you need to exercise your authority and walk in your God given ability, faith is release through acting on Gods […]

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Live in Victory, Refuse to live in discouragement By Laurence Torr

Live in Victory, Refuse to live in discouragement. Are You discourage? do you know why? and what made you discouraged? what is going on in your life that would cause you to be depressed and lose hope or you do not see anything happening in your future? What causes you to be distressed or discouraged […]

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How To Help People – By Laurence Torr

How to Help People (some pointers) I was thinking about how to help other people in their walk with God, then God reminded me of how I was helped and encouraged, which is a great starting point for anyone wanting to help others, think to yourself how you have been encouraged and how you have […]

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Email Received of Deliverance and Direction

I received this wonderful email from a believer who’s name I have left out, who shares how God has delivered her and how through the website teachings she has been encouraged and helped, and now has God’s direction for her Life. I share this to encourage You that our God is a mighty God, and […]

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