December 10, 2023

God’s Heavenly Economy VS This World’s Economy By Laurence Torr

(Different Kingdom’s Different Rules)

The Truth is that God is the source of a believers supply in every area, He provides everything for His people when they follow His ways of doing things. Nothing Is impossible with God, no matter the state of the worlds economy, your bank account, or health. It all depends on which reality your living from and what narratives you believe and practise. If your understanding is based only on the world economy then you can very easily live from a place of uncertainty and worries, fears and doubt with no hope. But God is the God of hope and He has all the right answers and a way for every circumstance and every believer to escape from the financial force of this world and any other force of this world, be it a wilderness of lack, or  a famine of fear. When we turn to God with all of our hearts and trust Him and follow what He shows us to do, we will thrive under any conditions the world tries to throw at us.

Audio – God’s Heavenly Economy VS This World’s Economy By Laurence Torr – Duration 18:10


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