Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Thoughts for the week – What Picture are You Painting?
Speak good about others and to others, choose to speak words of encouragement, choose to speak words of victory and faith, healing, and deliverance, instead of telling people what they’re doing wrong, and pointing out all their faults and failing, you’re telling them nothing new, people already know their faults and failings. Be a person that lifts people up with encouraging words, it is so easy to find fault and criticize others, we empower others with words of life which are encouraging words.
Find out what they are doing right and focus on their good qualities and points. There are already enough critical, judgmental people in the world. Let us be people who lift others up and speak good things into their lives, let’s paint a positive picture in their hearts, your words paint pictures in people minds as well as your own mind. what picture have you been painting in someone else’s mind and your own? if you could hang that picture up on a wall for everyone to see would you hang that pictures that your words have painted?
Tell others how wonderful they are that God has created a person of worth and value, tell them they can be successful and overcome any challenge that comes before them, tell them who they are in Christ and how much they are loved by God and needed. God has a plan and future and expected end for them as well as God has for you.
Life is precious and every life matter’s to God, we will all stand before God one day and give an account of our words, the words we speak can either be death or life and its up to you to chose what words you will speak, we can decide to chose wisely and build other people up especially our children tell them how great and how much they are loved tell them they will be successful in life, tell them how God loves them and is with them, speak words of life to them and those you come in contact with.
Have a great week.
Laurence and Kim x

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