December 10, 2023

Below are some of the Video Sharing’s from Our Zoom Fellowship,

I was not able to edit all the sharing’s individually so below are some of the

videos thank you to all the others that shared that are not below.

Video One – Jane Casanova – Duration 2:58


Video Two – Peter Lloyd and Cathi Clarke – Duration 21:49


Video Three – Ana & Pedro Riberio – Duration 10:46


Video Four – Amy Battles – Duration 19:09


Video Five – Rebecca Jancey – Duration 04:20


Video Six – Jason Smale – Duration 17:12


Video Seven – Franck and Anny – Duration 07:39


Video Eight –  Micheal and Madeleine Shinnick – Duration 21:51


Video Nine – Kim Torr – Duration 24:45


Video Ten – Laurence Torr – Duration 31:46

If You Would Like to Join Our Zoom Meetings which are Every Thursday 8pm

GMT Please Fill Out The Form Below and I will send you the Link and Password each week so you able to Join In.

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