God’s Wonderful Works Today 2019

God’s Wonderful Works Today 

God’s mighty works continue in great momentum in India in this audio sharing’s you will hear what God is doing today among the believers those that are being made whole. great testimonies of healing’s and miracles and increase of fellowships out outreach from poverty to abundance. Wonderful testimonies that will build your faith. Many thanks to Sangat Bain who sent to me the audio Testimonies. These wonderful works of God are daily occurring through out India and Nepal. 

First Photo left side, Ravi from Rajasuthan State and his wife Sona who is the one on the left side in the second picture. Laximan is the second man the right side of Ravi and Laximan’s wife is one in the middle in the second picture her name is Muskan and her elder sister on the right, Vimlesh and they are from Mathura in the Uttarapradesh State

       Ravi and Laximan From Rajasuthan 

        Sona  and Muskan, and Vimlesh           


God’s Wonderful Works Today 2019 – Translated By Pooja Faridabad

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