November 30, 2023

Testimony of Healing Of a Young Boy Who Could Not Talk and is Now Talking – By Bambi from USA

God bless You, I received an Email From Bambi a wonderful believe from USA who share’s about a wonderful healing of a boy would could not talk.

Hey Laurence,

Yes, I am back in the States everything went well, but there is a darkness hanging over Nicaragua that is so heavy you can feel it when you arrive. People needed a lot of encouragement while I was there. I had an amazing experience that I actually almost called you about while I was there I was so excited, but then travelling around the internet is hard to come by and I’ve been meaning to tell you about it. Do you remember the little boy, one of my former students who was not able to speak? He was held back in the class for year one (year one is 3-4-year-old’s in Nicaragua) when he was much older (I can’t remember exactly, but I think he was 5 at the time) because he couldn’t talk, he would just nod or shake his head and could only make a noise that sounded like “dugh” when he wanted something and motion to what he wanted. I remember sharing that I went up to him one day in class and told him (in English) that his mouth was unbound in the name of Jesus Christ and shortly afterwards in class one he actually said “blue triangle” which thrilled me, but that seemed like that was it. While I was there he did have some small progress, he would repeat some words to me in English that I asked him to, but he didn’t speak in Spanish at all, and could only repeat some English words-but he did have improvement. By the time I left he was still saying “dugh, dugh” and nodding to communicate. Of course, I continued to thank God for his deliverance even though I wasn’t seeing a full manifestation yet. Well, when I visited the school recently he was there and he walked up to me and said SAID, “Buenos días Miss Bambi”. I almost fell over. He just walked over and started talking like he had been able to talk the whole time. The other teachers were so happy to tell me that he speaks fine, he was promoted up to the next grade, and he is doing very well in the school and has no speech issues, and in fact, he is as chatty as any other child of that age. God is great!

Thank you for sending the Fellowships out, I love hearing everyone and knowing what everyone is up to and I certainly miss being able to join you all weekly.

God bless, please let Kim, and everyone in the Fellowship, know that I enjoy hearing what everyone is doing and how God is working in everyone’s life.


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2 thoughts on “Testimony of Healing Of a Young Boy Who Could Not Talk and is Now Talking – By Bambi from USA

  1. I loved reading this about the young boy, who couldn’t speak but now can. It reminds me of how my daughter was delivered from a severe speech impediment by Dr. Wierwille while he was at Grand Island, NE. in 1978.

    1. wow praise to God and thank you so much for sharing your awesome testimony of the power of God who is ever present to heal and deliver, God bless your heart Clairetta love Laurence x

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