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Recent Powerful Testimony of God Deliverance and Power

These testimonies were shared by Anand Singha a young man 23 years old from Uttardineshpur in the State of West Bengal on 3rd September 2019 through phone to Sangat Bains and later translated by Nitesh Sharma:

Believer – Anand Singha

Audio and written Testimony of God’s power in Action.

Audio Translated By Nitesh Sharama


Written  –   A lady had devil spirit and my leader told me to take her home. I asked God what to do and God showed me to ask everyone to confess Roman’s 10:9. The lady fell down and a devil spirit spoke. And the lady had trouble in chest and her womb had trouble. People thought she was just sick and didn’t believe devil spirit was there. And satan said I’ve been tied to this house. Free me. And black magic was in that house and many boxes were recovered, and we dig mud and there were many things that appeared, and villagers were scared. Many people came. People were saying what can this small boy do. He is digging mud. But when black magic stuff was recovered, people were amazed at Gods miracle. That sister became well. The village was shaken.   The sister is happy. One more testimony. Like, a sister’s eye was injured. Something hit it. They spent 5lac Rupees ($7,200) to save her eye. She came to God. Earlier could not see. Got healed and got associated with us. And got completely well. Then finger got cut. And doctor gave tetanus injection. There was a infection formed in the hand. Doctors diagnosed many things. Like cancer. Sister started crying when she came to me. I said don’t worry. Believe. It’s nothing it’s gone. Healing was given. Devil spirit fleed and there was no more pain. That sister is now so good. And encourages us a lot. Now she keeps doing Gods work.

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