December 8, 2023

Testimonies – God Cares About What “You Care About” Testimony By Bambi

The power of Prayer with believing

A wonderful Friend and Believer Sent me this wonderful Testimony below.


Hey Laurence,

I have to share this with you. Today this man came to install an air conditioner in my apartment window. I wanted it in the side window, not the front window where the landlord said it would go, and I even prayed about it because the front window would block the natural light from coming in and I didn’t want the kitties to not have their cat stand in front of the window where they look outside and enjoy watching the birds etc. So like I said I prayed about it.

So when the guy arrived today I asked him to install it in the side window and he did, but the cord did not reach the plug by just a few centimeters. I needed some sort of an extension and I told the man that I need an extension cord that was only a few inches long and he laughed that they don’t make those, and the AC unit would have to go in the front window where I didn’t want it. I insisted that something could be done and he finally said he would go see what he could find in his work truck, maybe he could find something that would work. As soon as he left the apartment I prayed about it and asked God for something that would work, like a small extension cord.

Well, look what the guy found in the back of his truck. A 4-inch electrical extension cord. They don’t make 4-inch extension cords to plug in appliances! He found it in his work truck. Someone put it together for a job that they had and he just had it back there.

God is so sweet!

God bless!


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