Changed By The Power of God – By Kim Torr

Changed By The Power of God – By Kim Torr

Skype Fellowship Sharings and Teaching By Kim Torr

Audio Teaching – Kim shares that Change is removing yourself as the focus of your decisions and instead making God the one you live for Not many people like change, but when God calls us to change and we need to trust God with the new direction for our lives which will require us to have faith and confidence that what God is asking us to do will not only bring glory to Him but will also benefit our lives greatly.  When God is leading you to make changes all you have to do is decide to follow His direction because we know God is faithful. When you know God is showing you to change decide to go with God.

Audio One – Teaching – Changed By The Power of God – By Kim Torr – Audio Duration 26:48


Audio Two – Skype Fellowship – Audio Duration – 01:07:47

2 Replies to “Changed By The Power of God – By Kim Torr”

  1. I will listen to this teaching again and again to keep my faith going during a difficult time my son Robert and I are going through. Thank you Laurence. and Kim. xxx God Bless you xxxx

    1. God bless You Barbara, thank you for sharing, We will keep you both in our prayers, God is with You and is an able and mighty and loving God.
      He will always cause you to be victorious and He can make away where there seems no way.
      much love
      Laurence and Kim x

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