Criticise, Condemn, and Complain Verses PRAISE

By Kim Torr

In this teaching Kim compares the opposite side of Criticise, Condemn, and Complain and what does God say in the scriptures about it and how it impacts our lives and the lives of others, really wonderful encouragement.

Audio Time 42:43




4 thoughts on “Criticise, Condemn, and Complain Verses PRAISE – By Kim Torr

  1. Really enjoyed this Kim , and your sense of humour in it with Laurence is a delight, Hallelujahs Praise the Lord. Thank you Kim. xxxx

    1. Bless you Barbara, haha you need a sense of humour with Laurence, I would not change him for the world so blessed you enjoyed lots of love Kim x

  2. Sorry,i’ve just come across this ‘invitation’ guess it’s never too late! As ever I thoroughly enjoyed last Thursday’s sharing courtesy of Kim,injected with a sprinkling humour.Bless you all.x

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