God bless You, in the name of Christ Jesus,

I was inspired to write the following. You are blessed.

It may seems the doors have be closed to you, it may seem the prayers you have been praying have gone unanswered. But do not despair, God has heard your prayers and seen your tears and knows your pain, your fears and frustrations. Be prepare for your answer to come knocking on your door, suddenly the light will shine in your darkness, there is going to be a sudden restoration of healing and suddenly your broken relationships mended, suddenly divisions in the family and church will be restored, suddenly lack of finances will turn to overflowing abundance, where God makes you the head and not the tail the giver and not just the receiver, suddenly strength will replace any weakness. God knows the needs of His people and He has all the supply you will ever need and more, many new things God is doing for you now and the sudden manifestation of these things will take place. No matter what you have been going through, God knows and sees in order to provide. He is a God of deliverance and the fountain of living waters which are flowing in you and through you, just like on the day of Pentecost suddenly there came a sound from the heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting. (Act 2:2) just as the disciples were to wait for the promise of the Father, there waiting was in the prayers and fellowship of the believers so these things I was inspired to write now will suddenly come to you as you stay waiting on God in prayer and fellowship and expectation, doing what you know to do before the Father.

God bless you have a great weekend.

Laurence x

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