December 10, 2023

Powerful Testimonies Of Nepal Believers

Below are the powerful testimonies of the believers of Nepal, so many signs, miracles and wonders and healings testimonies that will truly up lift you and inspire you to go and turn to the One True God the creator of the heavens and earth and his son Jesus Christ our Lord and Our Saviour.

I have uploaded the Individual Audio Files of each Testimony and I have also merged all the audio files together in one audio File if you chose to listen uninterrupted this single audio file is 3 hours 13 minutes long, or you can listen to them individually.

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Audio Testimonies of the Believers of Nepal

Here in this audio file are all the testimonies together Audio Time 3 Hours 13 minutes
This Audio File is Available to Download at Our other Website   CLICK HERE – Live Unto God Website



Here are all the Testimonies in Single Audio File

Audio 1

Audio 2

Audio 3

Audio 4

Audio 5

Audio 6

Audio 7

Audio 8

Audio 9

Audio 10

Audio 11

Audio 12

Audio 13

Audio 14

Audio 15

Audio 16

Audio 17

Audio 18

Audio 19

Audio 21

Audio 23

Audio 24

Audio 25

Audio 26

Audio 27

Audio 28

Audio 29

Audio 30

Audio 31

Audio 32

Audio 33

Audio 34 

Audio 35

Audio 36 

Audio 37

Audio 38

Audio 39 

Audio 40 

Audio 41

Audio 42

Audio 43

Audio 44

Audio 45 

Audio 46

Audio 47

Audio 48 

Audio 49

Audio 50

Audio 51

Audio 52

From Right to Left Ashish, Buhpender (Ashish Father) and (Ashish Mother)

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