ON GUARD – Arm Yourselves With Truth – By Laurence Torr

ON GUARD – Arm Yourselves With Truth

In this Teaching we learn how to overcome the pressures of this life and we learn  where the attacks in life come from.  Jesus Christ exposed the devil and defeated him and  exposed how the devil works through the systems of this world as satan is the god of this world.  We learn how to stand strong on the truth of Gods word that sets us free and keeps us free as we keep the word in mind and act upon it and live it.  Even more so now than any other time in the history of this world, we as believers need to recognised the times we live in and that there is  still a spiritual war raging and the fight is for the hearts and minds and belief systems of the hearts of every person.  Today is the day of Salvation and the good news of Jesus Christ still needs to be declared with boldness like never before, are you asleep? or are you awake? have you got comfortable with where you are? Lets stir our minds up by way of remembering the truth of God’s word and  what we have been called to do as believers today,  enjoy this teaching and act.

laur tour

Audio Running Time 50:57

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