November 30, 2023

Keeping the dream Alive

God morning to You, and remember God is with you, 
and for you, and has not forgotten you,
what God has began in your life, he will finish,
 what God has promised to you, 
is yours and it is received by believing (faith).
Never give up on the dream God has placed in your heart,
just because that dream may look like it will
never happen does not mean it will never happen.
God has not given up on the dream the vision he put
in your heart.
God is always preparing you and working in your heart,
rising you up to job He has given you to do. 

If you plant a seed, it does not sprout up into full
bloom right away,
it goes through a process of growing unit it has grow up 
and comes into to full bloom,
there is a time to sow a time to grow and then there
is a time to bloom and blossom.
Just like a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly
it may take time but it gets there in the end. 

If you think about, Joseph and the dream God gave to him,
it took a time, 
and through all the hard things Joseph went through 
the dream came to pass,
God was preparing him, moulding him and shaping him 
for the task ahead,
Moses also went through many years, from His first
calling from God, 
until God put him into action to confront Pharaoh and lead
the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt.

The was a process of time also with Abraham, & Joshua 
was being prepared while he followed
Moses until the time was right for Him to lead.
The Apostle Paul, went through a time of learning being 
prepared for His calling, also Peter,
what about John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ, see God 
is the one that is working and positioning
and preparing and making you ready, there is an appointed 
time for you to shine

Never Give up keep believing, keep growing, keep learning, 
and keep and maintain the dream God has placed in your heart, 
it will come to past. for God is faithful, have a great day xx

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