What’s More Important The Tree or The Fruit?


There was a man who had an orchard and his best money making crop were his peaches, he sold hundreds of bushels every year, his sons would help him pick the peaches, pack and carry them to the lorries of the buyers.

One year his sons saw there Father was very upset and discouraged. They asked why he was so up set. He told his sons during the last three to four years his peach trees have been producing less and less fruit, the father had the agricultural agent come out to find the reason why.

After examining each tree and the soil around it, he told the father of the orchard that the father had made a fatal mistake. The father had paid attention to the fruit but very little attention to the trees. The sons asked what does that mean?

The father went on to explain that he had not been ploughing around the trees, stirring up the ground so the air and so the rain can get in and as a result the trees have grown and stunted. My peaches the father explains have been growing fewer and smaller each season.

The sons asked so what are you going to do, the father replied I am going to do what the agriculture agent said, plough up my trees and plant new ones in their place. Then I am going to take care of those trees, and I will be sure to have a good crop every year.

Moral of the story, do not focus all your attention on the blessings (the fruit) but rather focus your attention of the source of your supply God. for He is the one that gives the blessing (fruit).

Author: Laurence Torr

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