December 10, 2023

Leave More than an Inheritance

“For when he dies he shall carry nothing away; His glory shall not descend after him.” Psalm 49:17

God encourages us to fix our eyes on the things that endure. In light of eternity, leaders cannot become consumed with the temporary. Only a vision that outlives them, a vision connected to eternity, will fulfill a godly leader. In other words, we must build a legacy.

A huge difference exists between a legacy and an inheritance. Anyone can leave an inheritance. An inheritance is something you leave to your family or loved ones. (It also fades.) A legacy is something you leave in your family and loved ones. Consider these differences:

Inheritance Legacy

1. Something you give to others 1. Something you place in others
2. Temporarily brings them happiness 2. Permanently transforms them
3. Eventually fades as it is spent 3. Lives on long after you die
4. Your activity may or may not pay off 4. Your activity becomes achievement

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