My Thoughts for Today – Reflecting on Ephesians Chapters 1-6 By Laurence Torr

My Thoughts for Today, while reading Ephesians – GRACE. – The word of God, is not only communicated through words, the word of God is communicated by the way we … Read More

Part Three – Five Vital Signs of a Believer – Fellowship with like minded Believers – By Laurence Torr

Part Three – Five Vital Signs of a Believer – Fellowship with likeminded Believers. Five Vitals of a believer continued. Fellowship with Like minded believers below is a check list … Read More

Part Two – Five Vital Signs of a Believer – Praying and Speaking in Tongues – By Laurence Torr

Five Vital Signs of a believer continued Praying and Speaking In Tongues Yesterday we began to look at the five vital signs of believer which are as listed below. The … Read More

Five Vital Signs of a Believer – By Laurence Torr

5 Vital Signs of a Believer – By Laurence Torr Vitals are often taken by health professionals in order to assess the most basic body functions. They may offer clues … Read More

What does God say about the Husbands and wives Relationship – My Thoughts for Today

Sunday – My Thoughts Today As  believers filled with the spirit of God, our passion and desire to reach out to others with the love of God. is very strong … Read More

God is Able, Willing, and Faithful – By Laurence Torr

Our God is a mighty God. It is God that created the heavens and earth, it is God that put all the stars in the sky, it is God that … Read More

Audio Teaching: Grace and Truth Qualities in Leaders

Click Here to Listen – Duration 24:02 –  Teaching By Laurence Torr Please feel free to leave your comments below in the box.

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