Let the Word of God speak – By Laurence Torr

Let the word of God Speak Scripture Time “Let the Word speak”….. God morning to you, and may God continue to enlighten the eyes of your understanding removing any veils … Read More

Some things to Ponder – By Laurence Torr

Some things to ponder. What is speaking the truth in Love? is it a wishy washy sincere well hearted lovely dovey action with no backbone, or is it telling it … Read More

What is Your Attitude and Motive > – Fellowship Song, sharing’s and Teaching September 2015

Fellowship, Song, and Sharing and Teaching What is your Attitude and Motive?

Are You living in a safe Zone? Or Are you living in the FAITH Zone? By Laurence Torr

God morning to you, and may your day be filled with His overflowing love and favour which spills over to touch the lives of the people you come in contact … Read More

Video – Fellowship, songs, sharing’s & Teaching – Sit back and get blessed

Fellowship, songs, sharing’s & Teaching – Sit Back and get blessed.  

Faith & Confession

The Power of Faith Filled Words

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Death and Life are in the power of the tongue

Learn How Powerful Your Words Really Are

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