December 10, 2023

Visits to USA & Uganda

God bless you, in the name of our wonderful Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

From Wednesday October 17th to Monday November 5th 2018, Kim and I have be invited to visit the believers in the United States and to fellowship and minister among the saints at different locations from the dates above, so there may not be many post going up on the website, unless we find the time to give you update on how things are going.

We know it will be a wonderful time of encouragement for us and the people we will meet.

God is so wonderful when we give our desires to Him, when we do that and expect from God, then God is able to open the doors for anyone to be to travel and to meet believers from around the world, and to encourage other’s to look only to God.

So we expect a great edifying time and encouragement following God’s direction and being led by the spirit of God, to be of service and blessing to all.

Please also keep us in your prayers for all detail and needs on our travels.

In His Service and love


Below is our Itinerary

Ps In December I will visit Uganda to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ along with other believers, there is still time to come on this trip with us if you have a desire to go. If you are interested in Coming in the first instant  please Contact Mr Fred Deavenport  for more details at email

or you can contact me at  please

you can copy and paste the email in to your email box to reply

Below is our Itinerary For USA and Dates for Uganda


 Our Itinerary

Depart Wednesday, October 17th London England to Atlanta, GA

 Atlanta GA Advance 18th October to 21st

Appling, GA Advance Fall Camp 2018: Rooted & Grounded in Love

Depart Atlanta 22nd October                              for             New York

Depart New York 26th October                         for             Dallas Texas

Depart Dallas 29th October                                for             Corpus Christi, Texas

Depart Corpus Christi 31st October               for             El Paso Texas

Depart El Paso  November 2nd                        for             Houston Texas

Depart Houston November 5th                       for             London England

Arriving back in London 6th November 2018.

November the 8th  Resume Home fellowship and Skype fellowship  8.00pm


Next Travel  mission Trip to Uganda

2018 December 27th    Depart London England for Uganda

2019 January 8th   Depart Uganda for London England

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