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Dear Believer – This is for Someone – By Laurence Torr


Dear Believer
Keep on giving of yourself, even if no one seems to be paying attention, or showing appreciation for what God is working in you to do, even if rewards seems little now, for in the end the fruit of your labour will be rewarded. For whatsoever a man or a woman sows, in the end they shall receive a harvest from their giving. We all have a God given purpose in life, when you find your purpose do it with all your might.
Never give up, because it does not seem like your getting anywhere. Push through the doubts worries and fears, push through the lonely times, the times you feel isolated, for you were born again a winner. Sometimes you feel like you’re in a wilderness but God is speaking to You in that wilderness, teaching you, maybe the mountain in your life your trying to change is there to change you.
Never measure yourself in the light of other people, keep doing the things you know are right before God, quit being concerned what others think of you, move with the energy of your convictions with in you, for God is working in you, be confident in who you are now as a child of the living most high God, born again of His spirit.
Always Remember you are loved by God, saved by grace not by your own effort it is the gift of God, God loved you when you were lost, and loves you now that you have received the gift of His grace and love, allow Christ to shine through you. Many give up because of the disapproval of what you are doing by others or by their tough circumstances. But God has approved you, He has a work for you to do, maybe it is not speaking to the multitudes, but to those around you, keep it simple trust God and allow God to lead you into His destiny,
The Journey from Egypt to their promise land was suppose to takes days, but in the end took 40 years, God had them go around and around in the Desert, see they wanted to do things their way, they were complainers, doubters in what God had in store for them, A handful of people had faith in what God was working in their lives, these believing ones received the reward, they kept going. Notice how the unbelief of some hindered the believing ones from reaching the promise land, they were servicing the complainers. they kept on serving and giving and leading.
God knows the way, and He can lead you quickly from your desert to your promise land of victory, success, and provision, even when the children were in the wilderness God still provided for them and protected them, so if you’re in wilderness right now, remember the Lord know the way through the wilderness, all you have to do is follow. If you’re in the wilderness of life remember God is still with you and protecting you and providing for you. You will be successful, you will reach your promise land, God will cause you to victory, Keep moving, keep believing, keep confessing His word over your life, keep humble and meek, Trust God, stop trying to work it out and what you got to do, God is working in you leading you and guiding you and providing for you. You will be victorious. Remember it is God working in you both to do will and to do of His Good pleasure, be led by the spirit of God.
Bless You
Video Teaching – God will make a way in the Wilderness
Isaiah 43:18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

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