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My Thoughts for Today, while reading Ephesians – GRACE. – The word of God, is not only communicated through words, the word of God is communicated by the way we live our lives, we have heard the saying actions speaks louder then words, and for a believers life, people will see and judge our life styles before they will really listen to what we have to say to them. This is  the true witness of our faith, Actions backing up the very words we speak and say we believe. the Grace of God empowers us, to do what truth demands of us, Grace is God unmerited divine favor, to live the lives God has called us to live, not how we want. Our lives as believers is now about living unto God, not us, as we walk according to Gods word, the blessing are uncountable. The
book of Ephesians is address to the Faithful believers in Christ Jesus.

The first Three Chapters of the book of Ephesians, shows us what Christ has accomplished for Us and our sitted positon in Christ as born again believers,today. Chapters four and five of Ephesians show us how to live as believers what to put off concerning our old man nature and its ways and what to put on concerning the new man nature which is in Christ. In chapters 4 and 5 God by way of the Apostle Paul address the the body of believers how to walk and live and speak, as individuals, Children, Parents husband and wives and the body as a whole walking in Unity of the faith. Paul starts of even Ephesians 4:1 by emploring the believers to walk worthy which mean to live appropriately. walk worthy also shows us conduct, which is our behaivour. in verse 2-3 Paul, shows the believer with what heart and attitude of walking worthy sould be in the heart of the believer. and the reasons why all the way up to verse 16.

And again in Verse 17, Paul exhort the believer again by encouraging that the believer to no long walk (live) like an unbeliever who walks (lives) in the vanity of thier minds. in verse 18-19 he tell you why. and from verse 20 Paul goes on to show us how to walk. from verse 24 Paul encourages us to put on the new man and continuing verse encourages us what to put off. Ephesian 5:1-2 Paul encourages the believer to imitate God, like a Child would imitate his earthly father, and verse 2 we are encourage to walk (live)in love. verse 8 we are encourage to walk (live) in light as dear children, God is light and so when we walk in light we are imitating our Father.

verse 10 says proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. Verses 11-14 shows us the benefits of waking (living) in the light.

Ephesians 5:15 Paul says, See, which can mean (take heed), then that you walk (live) circumspectly which means Exactly or diligently not as fools but as wise,.

so to walk is to live, our manner.

Chapter 6 of Ephesians shows us how to stand against the methods that the devil uses against us so we fall. If believers are not adhering to the exhortation of chapters 4 or 5, they will not stand against the methods the devil is throwing at them.

We need to Know who we are in Christ and what he accomplished for us in chapters 1 to 3 we learn this, and then following the the wonderful exhortations in chapters 4 and 5, we can be like Paul says in Ephesians 6:10 be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, and in the following verses more exhortation of putting on the word.

so we are saved by Grace not by works (meaning the works of the Old testament law) renewing our minds is not the works of the law or sin management, but it is walking in the truths God is showing us, because God our Father has brought us with the price of the life of His Son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, This is real Grace which is to be lived in truth.
Have a blessed day Love Laurence x

An after thought

INTERESTINGLY, The book of Ephesians is Address to the faithful believers in Christ Jesus, The Apostle though move by God and inspired by God, still gives great encouragement about walking and conduct, we see spiritually we are perfect and complete, God has provided perfectness by the spirit of God we received at the time we got born again, but great emphasis in chapters 4 and 5 to shows us great importance is in the way we manifest this completeness is by living and walking in it.

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