The Epistles

In this Section, “Teaching the Epistles” The  Teaching’s are worked and taught By Heikki Pekkarinen

who is a Minister, From Finland.

The  Three Classes That Heikki Pekkarinen covered here in this section of the blog  is, Galatians, Ephesians, and Colossians.

These  Classes which I was also present at the time of Teaching when Heikki Taught Ephesians  in my Home.








Heikki Pekkarinen


The First Epistle here will be the book of Galatians










Click below on Galatians Notes to open the Sysllabus


Audio 1 –  Galatians


Audio 2 – Galatians


Audio 3 – Galatians


Audio 4 – Galatians


Audio 5 – Galatians


Audio 6 – Galatians















The Epistle of Ephesians

Below there are three PDF files the first file is chapters 1-3

the Second File is Chapters 4-6

The Third File is Ephesians Translation.

Please click on each Title to open syllabus

1.  Ephesians Chapter 1-3_NEW

2. Ephesians_Chapters_4-6_NEW

3. EPHESIANS_Translation


Audio 1 of Ephesians


Audio 2 of Ephesians


Audio 3 of Ephesians


Audio 4 of Ephesians


Audio 5 of Ephesians


Audio 6 of Ephesians


Audio 7 of Ephesians



The Epistle of Colossians









Below is the Syllabus for Colossians click on Pauls letters to the Colossians below.

Paul’s letter to the Colossians 


Audio 1 of Colossians


Audio 2 of Colossians


Audio 3 of Colossians


Audio 4 of Colossians


Audio 5 of Colossians


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