Full Confidence In God – By Laurence Torr

A confident Son of God is one who has a relationship with God knowing who they are in Christ and their standing before God. When we know that love relationship … Read More

A Wonderful Testimony Of Healing and Deliverance – By Cathi Clarke

A Wonderful Testimony Of Healing and Deliberance – By Cathi Clarke Cathi Clark shares a powerful testimony of Gods love and power and Deliverance. Audio – A Wonderful Testimony Of … Read More

Our Words Are Important Peter Lloyd

Our Words Are Important Peter Lloyd Peter Lloyd shares how God has been Leading Him Audio – Our Words Are Important – Peter Lloyd – Duration 05:09

Speak Words of Life – BY Kim Torr

The words you speak are very powerful with all that is happening around us it is so easy to confess and speak the wrongs things let us endeavour to speak … Read More

There Is No Confusion When You Stay Focused On What God Is Showing You To Do – By Laurence Torr

God is not the Author of Confusion but the God of peace as in all the churches of the saints. There is no confusion when we are being led by … Read More

Thoughts for Today – God’s Tapestry – By Laurence Torr

When you look back at your life, your life may have looked messy, filled with problems and troubles and with the difficulties you may have faced and even now things … Read More

God Is Faithful He Is Always With You – By Laurence Torr

Your own personal is testimony is very powerful  When we remember what God has done for us, this build’s great faith in our hearts, as well as others when we … Read More

Faith & Confession

The Power of Faith Filled Words

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Death and Life are in the power of the tongue

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