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New Video for the Website – (VOTE) – By Laurence Torr

Hi I have done another Video in place of the First Video I posted the other day I would like to know which one you think is the best please leave you comments in the comment box below Here is the New Video   And Here is the Old Video – Click Link below

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More than conquerors – By Laurence Torr

More than conquerors You are a person of value, you have Christ in you the hope of glory, as he is, so are you in this world, you can do all things through Christ, you are equipped like a ship ready to cross the oceans of life, no matter the weather conditions, you can take on the storms of life as more than conqueror, sometime we just have to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, you are empowered by the creator of the heavens and earth, filled with the spirit of God. nothing can stop the promises and…

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Thoughts for Today – You Are a Person of Value By Laurence Torr

Thoughts for Today When you know someone who has integrity, you do not have to worry about their motives. A  person of integrity will add value to your life, and bring out your potential value that is on the inside of you. Just remember you are a person of value, God poured Himself into you through the accomplished works of Jesus Christ. You are a masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has before ordained that you should walk in them. Have a great day, being who you truly have been created to be. ISV of the…

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Watch What Comes Out of Your Mouth – By Laurence Torr

Confession What we confess – each and everything we say, is very important. What you say about yourself, what you say about others, what you say about your future and what you say about your circumstances all produce a positive or negative result which plays out into your life. Are you blessing your future or cursing your future? Are you blessing others or cursing others? Are you blessing your circumstances or cursing your circumstances? Are you blessing your health or cursing your health? Are you blessing your finances or cursing your finances? Are you blessing your relationships or cursing your…

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Importance of Integrity – Values of the heart – By Laurence Torr

I don’t know if you got to read from the blog, part four of the 5 vital signs teaching I done, In fact it is the most viewed article, on the blog so far. This subject is probably one of the most important subjects, that we need to practice in our lives, but very few people take it seriously and do it faithfully. I encourage you to read this article strongly, if we are truly going to see the abundance that God wants us to have and for the Word of God to move, we must practice, this principle, faithfully…

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Living unto God By Walking in Truth – By Laurence Torr

Living unto God By Walking in Truth- By Laurence Torr Today we will look at God calling His people to consider their ways and to focus on building His   house, we will also see the benefits of doing what God is showing us, and we will see God love and grace and truth in the book of Haggai, with God lovingly reproofing and correcting His people by instruction through His prophet. We can see the hearts of the people then, and how The apostle Paul warns his leaders and instructs them and how to set the things in order ….