Update -Video One Baby with Bleeding Eyes healed and Video Two Baby After Healing

Video/Audio – Baby with Bleeding Eyes Healed By God

Today 15th September 2019 I received a second video of the baby with bleeding eyes the video is of the baby after the healing of the bleeding eyes, sent to me by Subash Gurung a believer residing in Nepal, Subash, Sister Mina and brother in law Ram are doing God’s work in Kathmandu and Ram video the second video of the baby healed. scroll to bottom to see second video.

A Recent Testimony of How God healed a young Baby who had bleeding eyes,  Listen to the Audio Testimony and there is a short video of the child with the bleeding eyes. Nothing is impossible when anyone turns to the living God. What ever your need go to the living all powerful God who is able to do the impossible for You.


Audio Testimony – Shared By Neeti Saluja


Video of Child from Nepal



what was said in Video Translated below

The baby in the second video is now 7 months old.
He had bleeding from his eyes since he was 6 months old. It kept on going for about one month. Their parents took him everywhere but no one could heal him.
It’s been just a week that they came to the light and started believing in God and God has healed him now.
God is great

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