Are You Seeing The Need? – By Laurence Torr

Are You Seeing The Need – By Laurence Torr

Our Mighty God See’s in order to provide for His People, Jesus saw the needs of the people, he wasn’t focused on himself, he was moved with compassion to meet those needs, When we are are looking to God we are not looking at ourselves. God shows us the need around us, when our eyes are on Him and what He would have us to do then we can  bring God’s deliverance to others. Are You seeing the need? are you doing what God wants you to do, great questions we can ask ourselves daily.

Opening Song is titled You are my Shelter then sharing closing song walking in newness of life.

Opening Song music and Sung By Attillio Lyric By Laurence Torr. – Closing Song Written and Sung By Kai Funderud

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