Power filled and Practical Teachings By Kim Torr  & Aimee McCormack.

Wonderful Power filled and Power packed truths in these Teachings from Kim and Aimee,

Kim shares about a balance walk. and how to walk worthy of our calling and walking by the spirit of God and having the Word of God in our understanding and hearts and how to apply what we know. Wonderful Power filled teaching from Aimee, on how we should walk in power and love and seeing the need. and How God works on our behalf when we have faith and walk in Love. Finished By A Song From Dunamis – I will walk with You!

Audio Time 47:52 


6 Replies to “Power filled and Practical Teachings By Kim Torr & Aimee McCormack.”

  1. Thank you, Kim and Aimee wonderful, bless your hearts amazing sharing of Gods word with such passion God bless with much love.

  2. Just watched part of your Nepal trip video. Looks like an awesome time ! Thanks for sharing it!

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