Having a Humble heart to do what God wants You to Do.

If we are really going to see the mighty works of God in our lives our starting point with God is a Humble heart and willing heart to do what God is showing you to do even in the most trying times God has the answers and direction healing and deliverance. God wants you to go to him!!



Audio Time 37:41


2 thoughts on “Having a Humble heart to do what God wants You to Do – By Laurence Torr

  1. Thank you Laurence, for that lovely enjoyable teaching, for me very edifying and helpful.

    God Bless .

    Love Barbara.xxx


    1. God bless Your heart Barbara, thank you also for your love and encouragement
      May God continue to bless your life exceedingly abundantly above all you ask of Him and think
      Laurence xxxxxxx

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