Testimonies and Sharing’s of God’s deliverance and God’s Provision.

Wonderful Sharing’s and Testimonies of How God is working swiftly since we

began the teachings series of prospering with God. God wants His people

to have a successful journey through every area of this life. When we start seeing

God heart and will for His people and learn and how to  appropriate the truth of Gods

word and apply it in our live’s then we will begin to walk in God’s blessing’s so we can

be a blessing that God has called all His children to be in this world, in winning lost

soul for His kingdom as we shine as God lights in this world.

Aimee image1 jason

Aimee                              Rebecca                                   Jason

1. Sharing One – By Aimee Mccormack


2. Sharing Two – By Rebecca Jancey 


3. Sharing Three – By Jason Smale

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