Written Thoughts For Today – A Reflection on the Last Few Years – (from darkness to light) – By Aimee Mccormack

Thoughts For Today – A Reflection on the Last Few Years  (from darkness to light)


About three years ago I came to a true understanding of GOD and of Jesus Christ and that understanding is of their love and mercy.

Before I became born again I was in a dark place and had no desire for life. I had anger at everyone and everything and had turned to dark magic in the hope of consolation and revenge on people that I thought wronged me. I also delved into the realm of psychic abilities and astral projection.

When I first met the man that brought me to the fellowship I attend I knew nothing of his faith. He was my mum’s window cleaner and I did not know him. I came home from college one day feeling stressed and annoyed at a women who worked with youth in transitions. She was supposed to show me the bus route to Filton College but ended up first taking me to the wrong college, Ashley down. Funnily enough God has led me to that said college to study. But at that time I was meant to attend Filton. The women was confused having another youth the next day that was meant to be shown the bus route to Ashley down so I had no real reason to be annoyed. At that time I excused the anger and blamed it in the hot weather when in fact it was my fault.

And so when I returned home to find the window cleaner talking to my mum over a cup of coffee.

The first words he ever heard me say was that God was F****** useless at directing people. He laughed.

Me and my mum then spent a few moments laughing and having a light hearted conversation but then she told me that the window cleaner was a Christian. Now to understand what I say next you must understand that I once attended a Sunday school and when I left at around eleven or twelve it was due to the death of my god-mother. I was young and didn’t understand much. I blamed GOD and turned away.

So when I discovered that he was Christian I turned to him and confronted him with half remembered scriptures that I had not thought on since I left my Sunday school. Again the window cleaner laughed but kindly. He answered my questions as best as he could and invited me to the home bible fellowship that I now attend.

I went if only to humour him but felt a conviction in my heart to stay. The next week on Thursday when the fellowship is held I went back to the youth group I attended for the last time and told them that I wouldn’t be coming back.

I didn’t now then why I stayed, I only knew that for once in a very long time things felt right.

It took a long steady process of spiritual healing and I did not confess what I had done before fellowship to my leader for a long while. When I did he was understanding and forgiving and showed me in the bible that through the blood of Christ all sins are forgiven. He taught me that GOD sent Jesus Christ to purchase our redemption through his blood. GOD sent Jesus to be the example of GOD’S heart which is love. When they say that Jesus is made in GOD’S likeness they talk of love not physical appearance. I also learnt that GOD is merciful beyond measure and would that all men and women be saved through the faith in GOD and Christ

This taught me that GOD’S mercy saved me from taking my own life and from destroying that of others.

I have come to a point of understanding that might sound mad to many people perhaps even to fellow Christians. That point is this; GOD in his infinite mercy and love saved me through the shedding of HIS sons blood. My life is not mine to give or to take but GOD’S.

HE gave me the will to live and in that he gave me my life.

I belong to GOD and to Jesus Christ. My life is theirs to lead and direct as they see it fitting. I love my GOD, I love Jesus Christ, my Saviour and I live for my faith.

I do not know if I can say I would die for my faith but I can tell you I am determined to get to that point. I will live my life unto GOD and Jesus Christ out of love and gratitude. I am theirs as they are mine. I will serve the Lord my God and Jesus Christ until the end of my days.

And what I am trying to say is that My life is in GOD’S hands and there it will stay. My GOD will be my sufficiency and I will do my utmost to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Search the scriptures if you wish to understand or visit


There are many teachings and sharing’s on this blog that I hope will bless all those who watch, listen and hear.

Never forget that GOD works miracles in even the darkest of lives because he is love. Anything you do or done can and is forgiven through Christ. When you believe you are saved. After that it is up to you what life you live. A godly life or your old life.


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